Rising health care costs are forcing many companies to restructure their benefits packages, a move that is resulting in higher out-of-pocket costs for employees and in some cases, the elimination of benefits like dental or vision.Careington’s cost-effective dental, medical, health and wellness discount plans provides options that can help you enhance the value of your benefits, while giving your employees a new way to access care and save money.

71% of employees admitted that workplace benefits were a factor in signing
on with their current employer, while 82% say it is a factor for staying put.
– MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Study

Careington’s value-added discount plans can be purchased by groups on a wholesale basis and offered to your employees for little or no cost. While dental is the most frequently requested value-added product, vision care, prescriptions, doctor and hospital visits, and 24-hour nurse line services are also popular products.

Careington has partnered with more than 40 best-in-class companies and provider networks to offer pre-negotiated discounts on the following products and services:

  • Health care: dental, vision, pharmacy, chiropractic, podiatry, hearing aids, 24-hour nurse line, diabetic supplies, durable medical supplies
  • Wellness: alternative health and medicine, mental health and wellness, nutritional supplements and vitamin discounts, smoking cessation, health coaching, diet and weight loss, healthy habits Web site
  • Financial services: Accident insurance, emergency air transportation/air ambulance, tax preparation and planning, legal services, ID theft insurance
  • Travel and leisure: Shopping and consumer services, car rental and hotel discounts, concierge services
  • Family life: Long-term care, child and elder care, funeral planning, personal health record, pre-paid credit cards, health care financing

Careington’s value-added discount plans can be customized to include just one discount or multiple discounts, depending on which savings would best meet the specific needs of your employees.

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